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A legacy in the making

The SPA Group

Spa Ecocity is a dream of The Spa Group, a 3 generation old, 1000+cr well-diversified business conglomerate with investments across multiple industries including liquid warehousing, exotic horticulture, real-estate and hospitality.

Prashant Kajaria, the man behind the group’s flourishing Bangalore operations and Real Estate ventures, brought the group to Bangalore 25+ years back. With nature being his passion, he built one of India’s largest exotic horticulture businesses in India.

The group made a name for itself for its premium build quality, attention to detail, and timely delivery.

The real estate arm of The Spa Group was already thriving by this time in Calcutta. The group has built multiple commercial and residential properties in Calcutta, making a name for itself for its premium build quality, attention to detail, and timely delivery. Even today these projects command a recognition.

While working on his horticulture business, Prashant saw the exponential growth of Bangalore in all directions. What he also saw, were the problems that would eventually follow such fast-growing regions like water scarcity, clean air, sustainable infra, diminishing nature etc.

As a true believer of one’s right to enjoy a high quality of life, he decided to use his love for nature to build a solution to these problems. 18+ years of combined experience in real estate and horticulture inspired Prashant to envision Frangipani – an uber-luxury by an invitation-only project which saw interest from the most influential families and corporates in India.

Frangipani, per its nature, was out of reach for most. While interest in frangipani kept pouring in, most people had to let go of the opportunity because of the profiling and price-point. Prashant saw the mandate coming from people – to create luxuries and amenities of a world-class experiential home without price pinching! Thus was born the dream – Spa Ecocity.

The Spa Group aspires to be a boutique real estate developer with our only focus on real needs of home buyers and Spa Ecocity is not just another real-estate project for us, it’s our heart and soul. Our customers are not just number ids on our sales books, they are our partners, carrying with them our dream our legacy- of building communities that we can look back to tomorrow and be proud of. We value every customer, and we want to earn their loyalty, commitment, and enthusiasm.

At Spa Ecocity, there is no detail too small and no dream too big. Our group’s philosophy aptly puts across the mantra behind Spa Ecocity –

Why exist when you can live !

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